the platform.


The Leaping Brain platform is a complete technology and business ecosystem for the distribution of video products, designed to replace the aging infrastructure of physical DVD and Blu Ray distribution.

The platform is complete, including components for:

  • a shopping environment with ecommerce
  • secure download and high quality playback
  • instant streaming access on desktop, mobile and smart TV
  • dashboard with real time reporting
  • social media integration
  • content syndication and affiliate marketing

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the vision.

We’ve built something remarkable. A digital media ecosystem where everyone can thrive in perfect synergy:

  • Video content creators, from the largest to smallest.
  • Retailers, from largest to smallest.
  • And all consumers, whether on desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV, whether a fast, stable internet connection or a slow, intermittent one.

What sets the Leaping Brain platform apart from all others is a simple set of three essential characteristics:

  1. Anyone can publish
  2. Anyone can sell
  3. Anyone can view

In all of human history, only three video delivery solutions have met these criteria: the VHS tape, the DVD, and the Leaping Brain platform.

Thousands of companies and individuals are building thriving video businesses on our platform. Join us!

the opportunities.

Video publishers

Find out why the Leaping Brain platform is the best option for selling and distributing your video products over the internet.

Website owners

Is advertising your only revenue model? Launch your own branded digital university and double your monthly website income.


Find out how we could help you make more income per hour than any other teaching, training, authoring or presenting opportunity.


Browse the world’s finest instructional and self-improvement video library at Leaping Brain U.

What makes Leaping Brain rock?

Luxury user experience.

The Leaping Brain platform features a magical, luxury user experience every step of the way, from browsing and purchasing to viewing content, inspiring an amazing 3 repeat purchase average per customer.


Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, customers will never lose a digital purchase. With purchases stored securely in the cloud, customers can always re-download or stream anything they own.

Instant access.

Consumers increasingly no longer want to hassle with discs, remote controls and TV inputs. They expect instant access, and the Leaping Brain platform delivers it, with easy, convenient access to purchases from almost any laptop, tablet, smart TV, or smartphone.

It just works.

The Leaping Brain platform is rock solid and proven. We’ve delivered well over a million video titles from some of the world’s best known video publishing brands around the globe with 99%+ perfect reliability.

Instant delivery.

Browse, preview, purchase and enjoy in less than a minute. We deliver the kind of instant gratification today’s consumers demand.

Fort Knox-level security.

While just about any 10 year old can rip a DVD, the Leaping Brain platform downloaded video content is protected with our BrainTrust™ DRM.


We use the world’s fastest CDN to deliver your content to 1 or 100 million customers simultaneously from hundreds of points of presence around the globe.

Take courses to go.

Move most courses to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to watch offline using the MOD Mobile app. Or watch on almost any tablet or smartphone through MOD CloudPlayer.

Perfect quality to 99% of viewers.

26% of U.S. internet connections, and over 60% globally, are too slow or intermittent for a quality streaming experience. Leaping Brain’s hybrid secure download+streaming model delivers perfect fullscreen HD video quality playback even if the customer has no internet connection at all.

Infinitely customizable.

A quantum leap beyond the primitive options of DVD and Blu Ray authoring, iTunes, Ultraviolet, or any streaming option, each product the Leaping Brain platform delivers is actually a full-on software program. If you can dream it, we can deliver it.


Designed by the world’s foremost digital video pioneers and experts, and 22,000 hours (and counting) in the making, we aim to become the standard for video title distribution.


Manufacturing of discs contributes heavily to pollution, and 1.6 billion discs go into landfills every year. Enjoy the advantages of digital and save the planet while you’re at it!