Keep your content safe with BrainTrust™ DRM

Video piracy is rampant.

Selling loose, unprotected downloads is an open invitation for people to “share” your content with the entire internet.

In the MOD Machine platform, downloaded video files are encrypted with our proprietary BrainTrust™ DRM and cannot be played in any other media player. Since MOD Player will only list the products the user owns on their “shelf”, you can copy the files you bought to your friend’s machine, but they won’t show up, and so your friend will not be able to play your products.

A legitimate user never loses access to their purchases. If a user’s hard drive crashes, they can authorize another computer and access anything they’ve purchased.

However, if they were to publish their email address and password on the internet for many other users, our dashboard would light up like crazy, and we can “pull the plug” on all those installs. So while a DVD or Blu Ray disc can easily be ripped by just about any 12 year old, with MOD Machine, your content is always safe, and under tight control.

No one can claim their DRM is completely unhackable. But we are very proud to say that, so far as we know, in 4 and a half years and over 1.4 million products delivered, BrainTrust™ has only been successfully hacked once– by a brilliant computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of the world’s most prestigious research and development facilities.

We changed our DRM within hours and we have now taken the additional precaution of embedding user information inside each video file. So if anyone were to hack our DRM again, and “share” the files, we would be able to track down the original purchaser.