Paladin Press and Leaping Brain


What is the secret of Paladin’s success? We diligently seek out and publish unique, hard-hitting information our readers demand—information that some people think should be available only to a privileged few.



A Special Forces Vietnam veteran, Peder Lund is a classic individualist, skeptical of government and bureaucracies of all sorts and a fierce defender of the First and Second Amendments. Like most of his readers, he prefers to be left alone to pursue his livelihood and his life without undue restrictions or interference.

Lund strives to provide readers with quality books on a variety of interesting and unusual topics. He seeks out authors who are knowledgeable in their fields and encourages them to write for his audience. Many authors are well-known experts in their fields: Kelly McCann on all aspects of close-quarters combat, John Plaster on military and police sniping, Ragnar Benson on survivalism and emergency preparedness. In recent years, Paladin has branched out from its traditional focus on martial arts, military science, weaponry, and personal freedom issues to publish books on medieval arms and combat, hunting and fishing (through its Sycamore Island Books imprint), and classic aircraft of World War I (through Flying Machines Press).

By the late 1980s, providing state-of-the-art information led naturally into videotapes. In 1987, two videos debuted in Paladin’s catalog. Today, the company has a state-of-the-art video production facility creating a full lineup of action-packed DVDs every year on the latest in self-defense, combat shooting, and other topics.

In 2007, Paladin established its own in-house printing press, enabling the company to take advantage of print-on-demand (POD) technology and expand its catalog while keeping more or our older titles in print. One of the most popular programs to emerge from the POD system has been Paladin’s Combat Classic library—reprints of previously hard-to-find books in the public domain by Fairbairn, Sykes, Nelson, Cosneck, and Fitzgerald on such topics as World War II hand-to-hand combat, firearms, combat shooting, counterinsurgency, martial arts, survival, boxing, wrestling, and self-defense.

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Welcome Pilates Sports Center!


Unique to Pilates Sports Center, we merge both the classical and progressive styles of Pilates. We collaborate with many physical therapists and sports medicine professionals and spent have more than a decade studying this method of exercise and have integrated modern principles of exercise science to make it safer and more effective. We are dedicated to providing the most current information available and to maintaining the highest quality of instruction. PSC upholds the latest PMA standards and is involved in the process of helping to better our industry. Having a chiropractor and professional dancer at the helm, our philosophies incorporate neutral spine, that is, maintaining the natural curves of the spine in order to strengthen the back. Our clients and students have seen the enormous benefits and relief of low back pain by understanding and using proper biomechanics.



Pilates Sports Center was created and founded by Andromeda Stevens and Kelli Altounian. The goals of the PSC are to offer cutting edge classes and education in an upscale environment and provide high level instruction from our Studio in LA to all Master Trainers and PSC Grads Nationwide. The internationally recognized PSC Teacher Training Program teaches both Classical and Progressive principles and fuses them together in a way that has never been seen or done before. This kind of forward thinking has created PSC joint ventures with the Sports Club/LA, Reebok Sports Club/NY, Yoga Works, Equinox Fitness Clubs and other high integrity companies in the fitness world. PSC is the original creator of the “Common Problems Workshop” taught at fitness conventions and studios around the country. Yes, Pain Solutions Magazine, Daily Find, Encino Sun and have featured the work of PSC in articles available online. PSC has also created the very popular “Jump Board Workout: Series I, II, and III” DVDs as well as the “Pilates for Men: 10-20-30 Challenge” DVD series, as seen on YouTube. Newest titles are: the Cardio Springboard / Tower Workout, Advanced Pilates Cadillac Techniques, The Foam Roller Fitness Workout, Spilt Pedal Wunda Chair Workout, The Burn at the Barre Workouts series and the Pilates PMS Relief Workout.

PSC takes great pride in their innovative design of the “Comfort Carriage” which has been a breakthrough modification for the Reformer for the larger/taller population. In addition to being recognized as a Fostering Future Professionals entity with the PMA, PSC continues to create various workshops, DVD’s, and is dedicated to bringing education and innovation to the forefront of the Pilates field.

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Welcome Martial Fusion!

Martial Fusion Coral Gables

The creator of Martial Fusion™ a training discipline that fuses Aikido, Kickboxing, Karate, Yoga, Qigong and Zen meditation into a unique fitness system for self-development. The director of Aikido Miami in Coconut Grove, Florida, currently a certified Shidoin 4th degree black belt in Aikido by Hombu Dojo Aikikai (Tokyo, Japan) and the International Aikido Federation, that has trained martial arts for over 25 years in numerous places around the globe, including China’s legendary Shaolin Temple and Hombu Dojo Japan.

international aikido federation

Sensei Guillermo Gomez has worked with thousands of students, many private companies and corporate groups including SONY Latin, GAIAM, Comcast, Marriott, Club Med, The Sports Club/LA, Equinox, Crunch, Coral Gables Athletic Club and has taught at numerous international events and industry conventions worldwide like Italy’s Rimini Wellness, London’s Multitrax, Washington’s DCAC, New York City’s TSI Summit, Montreal’s CIELO Studios, Mexico’s Acapulco Fitness, Spain’s YPD Camp, AIC Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

A featured consultant and industry expert, Guillermo has appeared on several television shows including Univision, Telemundo, CNN, America TV, Jaime Bayly – Mega TV, Coral Gables TV and in international publications such as Fitness, Balance, Selecta and Black Belt Magazine. He is the star of 10 fitness and training DVDs available in main retail stores nationwide.

His Martial Fusion Kids program is currently being used by the Miami-Dade County school system (the 4th largest in the country), as part of their physical education program. Sensei’s trainings are seen in over 750 schools and after school programs nationwide and in 49 states.

When Guillermo first discovered martial arts at a very young age, he found that the techniques and principles he was learning inside the dojo applied to all aspects of his life. Today, his teachings range from martial arts, zen meditation, qigong, weight loss, self-discipline, health, wellness, relieving anxiety and stress, conquering fear, overcoming obstacles and challenges, developing focus, increasing awareness and finding inner-peace.

Providing ancient wisdom for the modern world, Sensei Guillermo Gomez combines physical movement with spiritual and mental exercises as a vehicle of self expression to help others improve their quality of live through inner-transformation.

“My work is to create an experience for self-development, inner-transformation and evolution.”

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Welcome Jessica Smith!


A certified wellcoach and fitness lifestyle expert, Jessica coaches clients, health professionals and wellness related companies, helping them to “find the fitness within.”

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Jessica has starred in numerous best-selling DVDs. She has been a featured trainer for Exercise TV and Seventeen Magazine, and is the creator of the 10 Pounds DOWN DVD Series and co-creator of the Yin Yang Fusion Workout method, which she developed along with her husband, 4th degree black belt Guillermo Gomez. She is also the co-author (with esteemed health and fitness writer Liz Neporent) of Thin in 10 (Sunrise River Press, 2012).

With a BA in Communications from Fordham University, Jessica holds certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America the International Sports and Conditioning Association, Powerhouse Pilates (in both mat & reformer method), Martial Fusion and Johnny G’s SPINNING™ Program.

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Welcome Boston Body Online!


Boston Body is a Pilates and Barre studio containing 5 locations and the largest Teacher Training facilities in the east coast. From the moment you walk into one of Boston Body Pilates and Barre‘s five locations, you will feel welcomed and right at home. Our clients look forward to coming in and exercising together. Our workouts are enjoyable and the atmosphere so inviting that it is easy to be drawn into your new way of life! This is a place where you can leave behind the stresses of daily life and reconnect with who you really are. You will leave Boston Body Pilates and Barre revitalized with new energy. Once you start training with us, you won’t want to stop. And before you know it, you will not only have a Brand New Body but a brand new way of life!

Boston Body Pilates and Barre is for everybody! Our studio community is made up of all different fitness levels and ages. We meet you at your fitness level and will help you progress every step of the way. You will receive personal attention and corrections throughout your workouts so that your body will start toning and changing quickly. Your body and mind will feel tingly and alive after just a few sessions!

Our goal is to help you reach your goals! We understand that your workouts are equal parts Inspiration and Perspiration and our instructors are so passionate about helping you that it is contagious. The biggest compliment we receive is when our clients are shocked at the end of their lesson and can’t believe how the time has gone by so quickly!

Boston Body Pilates is also the largest Pilates Teacher Training Center in New England. We are honored to be awarded Balanced Body’s 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Top Domestic Training Center! You will benefit from our standing as the premier Teacher Training Center because our instructors are passionate and motivated to help each of our clients. All of our instructors take pride in continually learning new techniques to motivate each person who walks through our doors.

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Welcome Ilyse Baker!

Bring out the dancer in you!


Meet Ilyse Baker, a woman whose personality is as contagious and charismatic as her enthusiasm for fitness and dance.

CEO and creator of the new dance fitness program Dancinerate™, Ilyse is currently a Reebok Global Fitness Ambassador and a Presenter, Master Trainer and Choreographer for Qignition’s QiDance and QiForze programs. Based in Los Angeles, Ilyse is a Dance and Fitness Expert to celebrities including LeAnn Rimes, Rihanna, and Daniella Monet, Trina Vega from Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.” Named Top Trainer in the Country for Dance by Exercise TV, Ilyse has also appeared in numerous fitness DVDs including workouts with “Biggest Loser” instructor Kim Lyons and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” champion Cheryl Burke.

Having danced professionally and toured throughout the United States and the Caribbean, Ilyse was chosen to represent dance fitness at the Asian Academy of Sports Fitness Professionals in Beijing, China. She has been featured on EXTRA, LA 18, Access Healthy Hollywood, FOX’s Everyday Denver, CBS’ Talk Phillyand on Exercise TV and Fit TV. Ilyse has been showcased in American Fitness Magazine, SHAPE, SELF Magazine, Bella, Redbook, Diets in Review and Girls Life as well as on,,, and many others. She was also nominated as Best Choreographer for her ZUMBA video game commercial and is a Master Instructor for SHAPE magazine’s annual Summer Beach Tour. Ilyse is an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor, has a B.A. in Dance Performance and Dance Education from Point Park University.

Never one to stand still for too long, Ilyse is a Top Ten Trainer for FitOrbit, contributes online workouts to FitnessGlo and teaches dance to at-risk youth in the greater LA area. Praised as a dance teacher like no other, Ilyse is dedicated to sharing her passion with “anybody that comes to me.”

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