HyperHip Media Launches on Demand!

HyperHip Media Inc. is a multimedia publisher of instructional books and DVDs from legendary artists of gypsy jazz and other genres.

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A Note from HyperHip Media, Inc.

Our goal is to provide in-depth instruction utilizing the best authors, producers and artists available. We pride ourselves in the eclectic and esoteric nature of our subject matter. It gives us great pleasure to provide material which is decidedly non-mainstream while still providing value-intensive material for the student.

Our philosophy is to make learning immediate, direct and fun! Even non-students will appreciate the performance ability of our instructors. While many of our titles provide years of learning material, students are encouraged to proceed at their own personal speed. Often, our instruction is sequential in nature, allowing the student to build upon their knowledge as they progress through the titles.

Play With A Pro Launches Digital Media Player!

Play with a Pro is primarily  a movie library, containing a continuously growing number of high quality movies, in which the great teachers and musicians of our time share their knowledge and passion for classical music.  These movies are portraying the artists and goes behind the scene to unfold the thoughts and give the insight they have put into their own music making. By making this movie library it is our goal to reach a broader number of people and give them an opportunity to get access to inspiration, knowledge and education, despite age, level, being a student or teacher and mostly important- despite your geographical location.

Secondary, Play with a Pro is also a place to exchange points of views, share thoughts and opinions about music, in the extensive forum. Over time we aim to built an extensive movie library, in different language versions, so anyone interested, no matter location, language skills and economic means have a chance to to learn and get inspired from the greatest artists and scholars.

Our team consists of musicians and people who all share an enormous love for classical music, from the camera crew, to the sound engineers, to the web designers and programers involved into building this project. Play with a Pro was born after Adam Simonsen, a clarinetist playing in The Royal Danish Orchestra and educated from the Juilliard School of Music. He toured big parts of Brasil, playing with Brazil’s National Symphony Orchestra, where he made contacts with many extraordinarily talented young musicians, who all wished to educate themselves further and learn more about classical music, but basically no one had the economic means and opportunities to do so.

By making this project, we hope to be able to bring some of all the wonderful knowledge and inspiration about classical music to a much broader audience and to inspire YOU wherever you are!

Sharing the passion for music,
♥ Play with a Pro.

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Murphy Method launches Murphy Method Digital Downloads

Want to learn about bluegrass? Then go here and get The Murphy Method!

Here’s a note from their site:

Thanks for your interest in the Murphy Method. You’re probably wondering what the Murphy Method is. The Murphy Method is a way of teaching bluegrass music BY EAR. We use no tablature in our teaching because we believe tablature is a crutch that interferes with learning to play bluegrass. We explain each song note by note, so that it is easy and quick to learn. As you learn these tunes, you are also developing your ear, so that learning actually gets easier as you go along!

We hope you will soon be joining the thousands of Murphy Method students all over the world who are learning to play bluegrass the Murphy Method way. One reason our Method is so successful is that we work with you slowly, one step at a time. First you will be learning the easy songs which will provide a solid foundation. Then you will move onto harder songs, which won’t seem so hard because you will have already learned the basics. And you will have learned them right!

Many of our students tell us that the Murphy Method is the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable way to learn that they have ever tried. And the facts speak for themselves: our students are learning to play!

We have a wonderful group of instructors: Murphy Henry teaches banjo, guitar, mandolin, and fiddle; Lynn Morris, the leader of the award-winning Lynn Morris Band, teaches clawhammer banjo; Marshall Wilborn, the International Bluegrass Music Association’s 2009 Bass Player of the year, teaches bass; Jim Wood, a Tennessee State Championship Fiddle player, teaches our beginning, intermediate, and advanced fiddle videos; and David McLaughlin, of the Johnson Mountain Boys, teaches our advanced mandolin video cleverly entitled David McLaughlin Mandolin Video. Mark Panfil, a great dobro player and experienced music teacher from New York, teaches our Beginning Dobro DVD. Our daughter Casey Henry teaches on several banjo DVDs and our son Christopher Henry, teaches the Bill Monroe Style Mandolin DVD.

We now offer lessons at every level of instruction. If you are picking up an instrument for the first time, you have come to the right place. Our beginning videos are truly “beginner friendly.” If you are a tablature dropout, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can learn by ear, the Murphy Method way. If you’re “just not sure” about this learning by ear, we think you will be amazed at how easy it is. And if you are looking for new challenges in your playing, our advanced videos should suit you fine. We welcome you to the Murphy Method family. Join us today and learn how to play. We know how to teach!!

Welcome to MOD Machine, Alfred Music Publishing !

Alfred Music Publishing is the world’s largest educational music publisher. Alfred produces educational, reference, pop, and performance materials for teachers, students, professionals, and hobbyists spanning every musical instrument, style, and difficulty level. Alfred’s home office is located in Los Angeles with domestic offices in Miami and New York as well as offices around the world, including Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

In addition to its own titles, Alfred distributes products from over 50 companies, including Belwin, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, Dover Publications, DW Drums, Faber Music, Highland/Etling, Kalmus, National Guitar Workshop, Penguin, TASCAM, Ultimate Support, and WEA.

Alfred Music Publishing shows firm commitment to this mission by employing the most talented staff and working with the most sought-after artists, authors, and composers in the industry. Click here to view our author list.

Alfred’s Core Values
Music Education: We develop products and services that make learning and playing music fun, exciting, and rewarding.
Innovation: We lead our industry with innovative products, services, marketing techniques, and technology.
Quality: We put a high level of care into all the products and services we provide.
Efficiency: We strive to eliminate waste and inefficiency. If there’s a way to do something better or smarter, we’ll find it.
Caring: We care about and support each other and our customers above all else.

To learn more about them, go here.

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Mel Bay Publications launches Mel Bay on Demand

Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has been a driving force in the music education and instruction since 1947.  They offer methods, solos, study material, sheet music, and music books for guitar and other instruments such as banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, fiddle, and more. It was founded in 1947 by Mel Bay and is based in PacificMissouri.

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