Prepare to become a global superpower!

The Leaping Brain platform gets localized for Spanish, English and French

People rarely order DVDs or Blu Ray discs cross-border. The wait is usually weeks, and shipping plus duties costs can double or triple the price. Three years ago, 30% of sales through our platform were to customers outside the USA. Of course, ordering a digital download that crosses the ocean in minutes makes far more sense than ordering a disc. Many of our clients have seen international sales increase by a factor of 10 or more when offering digital fulfillment.

Another advantage is that video downloads play perfectly even if someone’s internet connection is too slow or flaky to play a video stream, which is common.

Media sales in countries like Brazil, India, Russia, China and many other southeastern Asian countries are growing faster than the U.S. or Europe, and today, 57% of sales through our platform are to countries other than the USA– almost double the percentage in just three years!

As we’ve seen this trend accelerate, we have been working to localize the entire platform, both web and desktop, and plan to launch the localized version in the next few weeks.

To start out, there will only be two languages: English and Spanish, accessible by a menu. When you switch to Spanish, all the platform text will be in Spanish, from the shop to alert messages, thank you pages, the CloudPlayer, customer receipts and so on. So initially, all this means is that non-English-speaking people will have a more comfortable shopping and media viewing experience. We will be adding other languages gradually, and since all the hard work is done, if you’d like to help us localize in your language, contact us and we’ll work something out!

Of course, products will be unaffected, including product titles and descriptions, which will remain as they were written. But we offer full subtitle functionality, meaning that, for example, if you were to subtitle some or all of your products in Spanish, you could now offer them to a Spanish speaker that knows no English at all.

We’re working hard to expand your potential audience, and this is an important step.

MOD Mobile for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad now free!

MOD Mobile for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad now free!

We are happy to announce that MOD Mobile, the app that allows customers to copy products they own to their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to view offline is now free, and will stay free!

You are welcome to let your customers know, if any of them hesitated at the $1.99 price then they will be happy to know!

MOD Mobile for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Huge MOD Shop update launched today!

Huge MOD Shop update launched today!

We are very excited to announce that Leaping Brain Labs has launched the newest and biggest update to the MOD Shop since its introduction roughly one year ago.

Fitting with our drive to push our platform to meet the imaginations of our clients, we now have even greater capacity to support newer, even more exciting shop layouts and designs.

Desktop improvements

On desktop, we have rethought the layout to give the shop a more housed “app-like” feel. We think it’s easier than ever to browse shops to find just the right products.

In particular, you can now scroll to the bottom of a long list of tags, choose some from the bottom and instantly see the results without having to scroll back up. It’s a huge advance in tag-driven product discovery, and we feel in this aspect far superior to other shopping experiences, like Amazon, eBay, or anything else we know of.

mod shop

Enterprise improvements

Included in this update are the ability to restrict access to shops by user and to restrict access to particular products by user. This opens new doors for MOD Machine, making it an even more ideal choice for secure video content delivery within corporate, education or government environments. It also allows a “staged” selling approach where, for example, the “201″ course would not be available to purchase until a customer had purchased the “101″ course.

Mobile, mobile, mobile-friendly!

But we’ve saved the biggest news for last:

The smartphone has been around for years. But it’s only been in the last 3 or 4 months that we’ve seen a really rapid rise in people shopping and buying in MOD Shops on mobile phones.

We have completely redesigned the mobile view of MOD Shops so that it’s a very pleasant shopping experience that is comfortable and friendly on any device - even the smallest smartphone screen.

MOD Shops are now “responsive” all the way through browsing, previewing, and checkout, meaning they react to different browser widths intelligently and reconfigure for the best possible experience. Try resizing your browser to different widths and see how the layout changes!

On any device, MOD Shop 12 is smoother, faster, friendlier, prettier, and easier to use than ever before.

Watch the movie to check it out:

New feature roundup:

  • More usable desktop design
  • Mobile friendly design throughout the shop
  • Improved performance
  • Increased readiness for dramatically altered shop layouts
  • Shop level security
  • Product selection level security

Giving is better than receiving, but receiving is pretty great too!

Give a Gift, Get a Gift

We have just gone live with a new feature designed as a win-win-win-win for everyone!

gift-box-smallAs you know, we recently implemented the best digital gift-giving interface we know of in MOD Shops, so that customers can gift products to people they know (or, for that matter, total strangers as long as they have their email address).

With the latest update, the gift-giver is rewarded with a 20% discount coupon code for themselves as appreciation of their generosity. We call this feature “Give a Gift, Get a Gift”.

The code is single user, single use, on a single item or whole cart, and is only good for 10 days in the MOD Shop in which they bought the gift.

Who else in the world offers this feature? No one we know of!

Continuing to innovate at light speed!

The Gift of the Future

Giving Eco-Friendly Digital Gifts

As the end of poorly prophesied 2012 barrels toward us, we at Leaping Brain are sure of one thing: this is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

We know gift giving will probably be on the minds of more than a few people soon, so today, we’re proud to announce a new gift giving feature on MOD Shop.

In the past, giving a digital gift was cumbersome. You were totally removed from regular shopping or you could only give someone a code with a dollar value attached. There was no browsing around, crossing people off your list, and definitely no way to give someone a really personalized gift that’s as easy as DVD to wrap, deliver, and exchange– or– a lot easier!

Today, gift giving took a huge step into the Digital Age with the latest version of MOD Shop. We know you and your lucky gift recipients will love it.

gift button

Almost any item now, you can simply click “give as gift” and type in your recipient’s name. You get to personally hand-pick what gifts you’d like to give and MOD Shop tracks it throughout your shopping so you don’t have to.


Once you’re done checking out, you get to “wrap” your digital gifts by selecting how and when you’d like that lucky person to receive their gift. They’ll get a link that automatically applies their gift code to the products you choose, but if they’d like to pick something else, they’re totally free to do so.

wrap gift

You’ll also notice a few changes to the rest of MOD Shop. With a button refresh and a new font, digital shopping has never looked better.

It’s the best way to give someone a great gift. With no shipping and no holiday lines, it’s eco-friendly and hassle-free!

We’re continuing to work on MOD Machine to give you the best way to bring great content to great people. With this update, we’ve also made some under-the-hood changes making us faster and more stable than ever before. We may even have some more gifts for you sooner than you think.

New MOD Shop Feature: Social Media Links!

When a customer is viewing product information, there’s now a cute little set of social media icons so they can share what they’re looking at with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google+ circles, or Pinterest followers!

Encourage your customers to help spread the word about your products to their friends! There’s nothing like the power of a personal recommendation.

New MOD Shop Feature: Related Products!

We just launched a huge update, the most visible feature of which is an intelligent, personalized product recommendation engine!



At the bottom of the lightbox in MOD Shops, and also at the bottom of the single products pages, customers will see a list of relevant products in your shop that are calculated by a sophisticated algorithm taking into account whether the product is part of a bundle, what other people who have purchased this title have purchased, and tag matches.

We are also putting in a lot of time doing what we call “tag-wrangling”– going through the close to 4,000 products in the MOD Cloud Vault one by one and making sure the tags are present and make sense. This has already improved searches and related products immensely and will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

This update also improves a lot of under the hood things and paves the way for some new features coming in the next few weeks!

SubID marketing tracking

Marketing is an elusive beast. Anyone who has ever placed an ad in a magazine or on TV has wished there was a way to find out if anyone who saw the ad actually bought anything.

Well, we at Leaping Brain Labs are happy to announce that, at least in our MOD Machine platform, your wish is now a reality!

Hooray for SubID tracking!

We have implemented something called SubID tracking.

SubID tracking enables you to track conversion rates through your MOD Shop. By attaching a SubID to the link given to users to enter the MOD Shop, that SubID will follow the user through their entire session and “tag” any corresponding sales.

How to:

Using SubIDs is as simple as choosing an ID and appending it to a link. In choosing your SubID, we recommend using an alpha string plus the date so that it’s unlikely you’ll use the same code in the future.

For example, “fb” is not good because you might use it again, but fb090312 would be excellent for a facebook link or ad placed on 9/3/2012.

To use a SubID, simply tack “&sid=” and your SubID onto the end of your link.


For example, let’s say there is a lively discussion on your Facebook page about Stochelo Rosenberg, master Gypsy jazz guitarist, and you just happen to have a product in your shop featuring Mr. Rosenberg.

1. First, let’s make up a SubID. How about stochelofb081512? That would remind us that this is the link placed in the thread about Stochelo, on Facebook, on 8/15/12.

2.Then, we’ll go to our MOD Dashboard and get a product detail page link as usual, like:

3.We’ll tack on the SubID to the end, not forgetting the “&sid=”:

4.Finally, we’ll post a non-spammy comment like, “Hey, did you guys know Stochelo Rosenberg has a couple videos out? Here’s one of them:

5.Then just wait a day or two, and check your MOD Dashboard “Marketing Report”:

Then you’ll see how effective your link was in generating sales, and you’ll know what sales originated from which links!

Happy SubID tracking, and let us know if you have any questions!


Blue Hawaiian! Bentley!

I just pushed up two very exciting updates.

“Blue Hawaiian” is the latest update to MOD Shop. It includes a big improvement to our tag searching, making it more powerful than ever. Before, whenever you checked a few tags (category checkboxes), you would cast a wide net and get any product that matched any one tag, but see the more relevant ones at the top, similar to the way many online shopping sites worked.


Now, when you click tags, it uses the tag headings to only show you products that match at least one tag from each heading. So if you’ve checked jazz and blues as styles, as well as guitar as an instrument, you’ll now see guitar courses that are jazz, blues, or both. No country guitar, or heavy metal guitar, no jazz drums.

If you want to see more, or if the search didn’t find anything, we still have the wider relevance search to fall back to, so that users will still see something they may like. We’re really excited about this new search and think it will help bring people closer to the things they want.

The second update (“Bentley”) is to the new MOD Dashboard. We completely overhauled the design and now it has the style to match its substance. We recommend at this time you discontinue using the old “Toolbox” and start using MOD Dashboard.

Personally, my favorite part is the new MOD ShopBuilder. It’s really a unique interface that to our knowledge has never been done before.

It’s a pleasure to use and stocking your shop has never been easier. You now get finer-grained control inspired by the new tag search on the shops. When you select one or more warehouses to stock your shop from, you’ll see the list of tags you can hone down your selection with. You can even select how you want the tags to affect your selection, with a wide search with products matching any tags, a narrow search where products must match all tags, or in the middle, where like the shops, products must match one tag in each heading. The most exciting part is next to that, we now have a live selection preview. So now when you’re choosing your warehouse and tag selections, you can see exactly what products will appear in your shop, complete with product preview. With the new Shop Builder, making shops is just so easy and fun.


Between these great new features, as well as stability and speed updates all around, the MOD Machine platform is improving and innovating rapidly. Let us know what you think, I just know you’ll love it as much as we do. And keep an eye here for some more exciting updates coming very soon!

Announcing… Appletini!

I just pushed some nice updates to MOD Shop. With one exception, these evolutionary changes aren’t the glamorous sort, but that’s partly why I think they’re so cool. We’re reaching the stage with this platform where we get to spend some time on these kind of refinements. As my french press, my nice headphones, and my relaxing weekend visits with friends always remind me, in many ways, it’s the little things that count, so I hope you like these changes as much as I do.

The biggie, however, is the single product page. The improvements here are part and parcel of the mainly stylistic changes along with this update, however, for this page, it was a really big deal. These pages are now richer with information and shop presence. Shop owners and users alike, I’m sure, will really enjoy how you can really tell what you’re getting and just how cool it is, all on this one page.

In this release:

  • Single Product Page stylistic refinements
  • Log in form refinements
  • New software download buttons
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