What is the best way to publish high quality instructional videos?


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We’ve spent the last 5 years perfecting the ultimate technology and business platform for experts like you to profitably self-publish instructional video titles without the hassles.

Just create, author, click “publish”, and your courses are live and start selling immediately, from your own website, at Leaping Brain U, and syndicated through the MOD Marketplace digital ecosystem.

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Make $20K – $100K+ per project.

Produce a high quality instructional video product on an in-demand topic. Distribute it with the superior quality, value and benefits of the Leaping Brain digital platform. Market it as we recommend, and we’ll help you market it as well.

You could sell several hundred to several thousand units at (typically) $39.95 – $199.95 each (or considerably higher in some cases), depending on the subject matter, scope and target audience. That’s a return of $40,000 – $100,000 or more per project, for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months work.

The founders of Leaping Brain have produced and sold millions of dollars worth of instructional video titles, with some individual courses bringing in $250,000 – $500,000 and more, so we know this business inside and out and will strive to help you every step of the way.

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Join the world’s greatest instructors.

We have over 5,000 educational video titles in our library taught by the finest instructors on the planet. We think you deserve to be among them.

Don’t you?

B. B. King
Blues Guitar Instructor
Leslie Sansone
Fitness Instructor
Rachel Coleman
Signing Instructor
Moni Aizik
Krav Maga Instructor
Amy Dixon
Fitness Instructor
Master Wong
Wing Chun Instructor
Jaco Pastorius
Bass Instructor
Mimi Sammis
Painting Instructor

Here’s how it works:

Step One.
Create your masterpiece.

Plan, shoot and edit your project. Your footage can be any resolution, and can come from camera footage, screen capture software like Screenflow, or both.

Then finish your edit, export a high quality “original”, and encode the media to our specs.

Create a cover image graphic and a main menu background and you’re ready to author!



Step Two.
Author a real video product.

Forget crappy streaming-only systems and loose movie downloads that give your products little to no perceived value.

Use MOD Publisher to author and publish your project as a real commercial video title with quality, features and perceived value far exceeding, say, a Blu Ray disc.

Our clients products are typically priced in the $39.95 – $59.95 range, though MOD Machine is very successful at sellthrough of higher price points due to the extremely high value presented by the luxury user experience of our platform.

Learn more about MOD Publisher

Step Three.
Create your shop.

Upload your custom header with your logo and branding, choose a theme, and add your products to your shop in MOD ShopBuilder.

Your branded MOD Shop launches right from your website, your Facebook Page, YouTube channel, a tweet, email, Google ad or anywhere else you can place a link and provides your customers with the web’s finest environment for browsing, searching, previewing, buying and gifting media products.

No need for shopping cart software, security certificates or merchant accounts.

Setup to launch in less than 20 minutes.

Learn more about MOD Shops



Step Four.
Round out your shop selection.

It’s really tough to start a credible educational media business if you only have one or two titles at launch.

But our revolutionary MOD Warehouses make it possible for you to launch even if you only have one title, or none at all!

You can choose complimentary products from over 2,500 excellent titles in our MOD Warehouses to add to your shop to fill out your selection and establish credibility for your business. Not only that, you’re making a generous affiliate commission on products you didn’t even create!

You can “follow” a certain product tag, like “jazz guitar”, “Jeet Kune Do” or “Photoshop”, and any new product added to the library with that tag will automatically be added to your shop.

Step Five.
Promote your shop.

Never, ever send customers away from your website.

With MOD Machine, when you promote your own courses, you’ll be driving traffic to your own website where you can control your brand and messaging, make sure your content is featured foremost, and most importantly, own your customer information, an essential element in building a successful educational publishing business.

We provide product links and social media buttons to make it easy.

And, our “subID tracking” capability means that you can get a report of exactly where your sales are coming from, and which of your marketing efforts are the most fruitful.

Learn more about marketing your MOD Shop



Step Six.
Global syndication.

As soon as you publish a new title, it’s instantly available for purchase not only in your own MOD Shop, but also through a global digital distribution network called MOD Marketplace, so as MOD Marketplace grows, your products are constantly exposed to a wider and wider audience.

Your product will automatically appear in any MOD Shop that “follows” a tag your product is tagged with, or follows you as a publisher.

Learn more about MOD Marketplace

Step Seven.
Real time reports.

MOD Dashboard is your control center, giving you a real time window into sales of your products and through your shop.

You can also view and export reports, track the success of your marketing campaigns, create and modify your MOD Shops, export customer data, create coupon codes, get direct product links and many other functions.

There’s never any mystery about your sales through MOD Machine.

Learn more about MOD Dashboard



Step Eight.
Relax and enjoy your vacation.

Let us provide support to your customers at no extra charge, so you can focus your time on your two most important missions: producing and marketing.

Your customers are in good hands with our world class quality support team around the globe, you won’t have to wake up several times each night to respond to your customers on the other side of the world, and you can take a vacation knowing your customers are in good hands.

More Benefits.
Flawless playback.

Your customers will be viewing your products in MOD Player, a magical, user-friendly, powerful desktop media launchpad with a first class, luxury user experience, elegantly integrating functions like product download, the world’s best video playback engine, mobile sync, Braintrust™ piracy protection and one-click access to your MOD Shop to drive repeat sales.

MOD Player gives your products the first-class, luxury presentation they deserve.

We can build you a custom MOD Player with your logo and graphics for a one-time cost of $299.

Learn more about MOD Player



and more
Instant Access.

Your customers will also have convenient, complimentary streaming access to the products they’ve purchased on tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and desktop through MOD CloudPlayer.

Just like with any other streaming service, a fast, reliable internet connection is required, that’s one reason we focus on secure downloads to provide flawless playback to 99% of customers globally.

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