Four ways to profit from your MOD Shop

Four ways to profit from your MOD Shop

mod-shopWe have worked hard to create a platform that offers you many opportunities for success. Now our challenge is communicating those opportunities clearly.

In this article, we’d like to detail four ways to profit from your MOD Shop:

1. Publish content.

If you are a content publisher, publishing and promoting your own products will always be the centerpiece of your digital strategy, and for most, the biggest revenue stream. But the three strategies below could bring in substantial additional revenue, as well as increase your success with #1 synergistically.

2. Become a distributor.

Adding other publishers’ content to your MOD Shop is a quick, easy way to increase your profits, since increasing your selection increases the likelihood that someone browsing your shop will make a purchase. We now have over 2,800 products available in our MOD Warehouses that are available for you to add to your shop.

You could either:

  • add other publishers’ products to your main shop, or
  • create a main shop with only your products, then launch a second shop with a much wider selection

Here’s a how-to:

3. Sell MOD Shops.

You might not know this, but you can actually sell MOD Shops right from your MOD Shop!

Wow! But why would you want to?

First, you make an instant $50 profit per shop sold. But there’s a bigger picture here. Let’s say you produce the world’s best piano lesson videos. And, let’s say you start selling MOD Shops to piano teachers. Now, the piano teacher has a shop where they can sell your lessons right from their website or Facebook page, and make additional income along with their teaching income.

And, teacher by teacher, you are building out a wide digital distribution network for your brand to expose your products to new audiences- the website visitors and students of all those teachers. So you’re actually increasing your profits two ways: the $50, plus additional sales of your products. Pretty smart, right?

What if you are a fitness instructor? Think about how many personal trainers there are in the world who wouldn’t mind making a few hundred extra bucks a month. What if you’re a martial arts video producer? Think how many martial arts schools there are in most cities. What if you produce kid’s videos? Think how many early childhood development experts there are around the world.

Here is a page that describes the opportunity for those considering buying a MOD Shop:

Feel free to copy any text you wish from that page to use on your website to promote the opportunity to your audience.

4. Sell Publishing Suites.

Another thing you can sell that you probably didn’t know about are MOD Machine Publishing Suites.

What is this?

Simply put, it’s our entire platform “in a box”. To anyone to produces video, it’s a turnkey solution for digitally publishing, selling, delivering, presenting and syndicating the video they produce.

But why should you consider selling Publishing Suites?

First of all, you make an instant $50 – $99 (that’s 50% of the sale price, which is either $199, or, the Suite is often on sale for $99). Second, you make 10% of the first $10,000 in sales from that publisher, so you make a total of up to $1,099 per sale. Ka-ching!

And, since the people buying Suites from you are most likely in your vertical market, this both builds out your digital distribution network further, and provides you with a wider variety of content you can promote from your own shops. That’s a win-win-win!

To add these items to your MOD Shop, just go to your Dashboard, edit your shop, and check the “Program” Warehouse. Then you can get link codes just like any product.