Huge MOD Shop update launched today!

Huge MOD Shop update launched today!

We are very excited to announce that Leaping Brain Labs has launched the newest and biggest update to the MOD Shop since its introduction roughly one year ago.

Fitting with our drive to push our platform to meet the imaginations of our clients, we now have even greater capacity to support newer, even more exciting shop layouts and designs.

Desktop improvements

On desktop, we have rethought the layout to give the shop a more housed “app-like” feel. We think it’s easier than ever to browse shops to find just the right products.

In particular, you can now scroll to the bottom of a long list of tags, choose some from the bottom and instantly see the results without having to scroll back up. It’s a huge advance in tag-driven product discovery, and we feel in this aspect far superior to other shopping experiences, like Amazon, eBay, or anything else we know of.

mod shop

Enterprise improvements

Included in this update are the ability to restrict access to shops by user and to restrict access to particular products by user. This opens new doors for MOD Machine, making it an even more ideal choice for secure video content delivery within corporate, education or government environments. It also allows a “staged” selling approach where, for example, the “201″ course would not be available to purchase until a customer had purchased the “101″ course.

Mobile, mobile, mobile-friendly!

But we’ve saved the biggest news for last:

The smartphone has been around for years. But it’s only been in the last 3 or 4 months that we’ve seen a really rapid rise in people shopping and buying in MOD Shops on mobile phones.

We have completely redesigned the mobile view of MOD Shops so that it’s a very pleasant shopping experience that is comfortable and friendly on any device - even the smallest smartphone screen.

MOD Shops are now “responsive” all the way through browsing, previewing, and checkout, meaning they react to different browser widths intelligently and reconfigure for the best possible experience. Try resizing your browser to different widths and see how the layout changes!

On any device, MOD Shop 12 is smoother, faster, friendlier, prettier, and easier to use than ever before.

Watch the movie to check it out:

New feature roundup:

  • More usable desktop design
  • Mobile friendly design throughout the shop
  • Improved performance
  • Increased readiness for dramatically altered shop layouts
  • Shop level security
  • Product selection level security