MOD Dashboard

A real-time window into your sales.

MOD Dashboard is a secure web app in which you can see real-time sales reports, view and export reports, track the success of your marketing campaigns, create and modify your MOD Shops, export customer data, create coupon codes, get direct product links and many other functions.


Sales Reports

View real time sales for any date range.

Product Report

This report shows product sales ranked by product.

Affiliate Report

This report is for publishers, showing sales of your products through all MOD Shops. (Affiliate-only accounts will not see this report option.)

Publisher Report

This report is for affiliates, showing your sales ranked by publisher. (Publisher-only accounts will not see this report option.)

Marketing Report

This shows the success of your marketing campaigns.

Export Reports

Export your data in a format you can import into a spreadsheet or many other software programs.

Coupon Code Manager

As a publisher you can use coupon codes to encourage new or existing customers to come back to your MOD Player and take advantage of a limited time offer.

Once customers receive the code, they simply open your shop, add the item or items to their cart, and enter the code into the referral code field. The discount is automatically applied, and customers can see the total adjust!

Using Coupon codes in the Dashboard is extremely simple. Just click on Coupon Code Manager and select the product you want to create a coupon code for.

You can generate a random number or use your own.

Shop Builder

Your first MOD Shop has been created automatically. (You can create as many MOD Shops as you’d like.)

For step by step instructions on how to use the Dashboard click here.