DVDs are the most common way to deliver video products today, as audio CDs were for music many years ago.

Yet there are numerous problems with DVDs, keeping sales low and costs high for publishers.

  Instant delivery closes sales.

In this age of instant gratification, when customers see a product they find interesting, they want it now. An instant delivery option turns interest into action.The prospect of being able to start viewing your program within minutes of ordering is a compelling reason to take action and buy now.

 Having to wait loses sales.

The prospect of having to wait days for shipping leads to customer hesitation. International customers often have to wait over a week for delivery… if it arrives at all.How many sales are you losing every day because you don’t offer instant delivery?


Every time your customers launch MOD Machine to watch the programs they already bought, they see the other products you offer for sale- and they’re only a few clicks away from buying, right within the MOD Machine environment.They don’t even have to fill out their information again. If they’re happy with your first product, you can expect them to buy another… and another.


To view your product, customers must first search through cabinets or closets for a disc that may have become scratched, warped or lost. Once they find it, they’ll have to turn on a DVD player, wait for the tray to open, put the DVD in, turn on the receiver and TV, and set the inputs to DVD. How many remotes does this take?

In the Internet Age, hassle = lost customers.

  Become a global superpower.

International customers only pay the price of the product- no shipping, duties or import taxes, and get delivery within minutes- often, faster than U.S. customers! DVDs all but eliminate the huge and growing global market.

  Stop international sales cold.

International customers often have to wait a week or two for a DVD delivery. Shipments are also often delayed, damaged or lost. Expensive shipping costs, duties and import fees sometimes nearly double the price of your product- greatly reducing international DVD orders.

  Customers save money.

Not having to pay shipping, handling or sales tax is an additional justification for buying.How many of your customers like saving money?

All of them.

Customers pay more.

Shipping, handling and sales tax are charges customers expect, but that doesn’t mean they like them. Expedited or international shipping fees can double the price of a DVD order. These fees just put a drag on sales for price-conscious customers

  Never out of stock.

You will always have every title in stock. You’ll never have to re-order and you’ll never pay for replication again. This means never losing sales due to short supplies- all of your dealers will have every item in stock at all times.Think how much this accessibility will increase sales!



Saves you time and money.

Along with increased sales, MOD Machine will save your organization all of the costs and daily hassle of dealing with physical inventory. While these costs are substantial, you also need to take into account lost productivity- that every minute spent dealing with the myriad problems of physical inventory could be spent producing more content and promoting your products.

Typical up-front fee comparison

MOD Machine DVD Blu Ray disc
first 1,000 $0 (if you prep assets) or under $100 (if we do) $1,000 – $2,000 authoring plus replication $7,500 – $10,000 for AACS fees, Blu-Ray authoring, mastering and replication
next 1,000 $0 $1,000 $3,000
total after 2,000 $0 $2,000 – $3,000 $10,500 – $13,000
total for 10 products after 2,000 $0 – $1000 $20,000 – $30,000 $78,000 – $110,000

Remember, the above figures for DVD and Blu-Ray are for authoring, replication and licensing fees only and do not include the substantial costs of warehouse space, shipping and receiving personnel costs, shipping supplies, packaging, defective or lost units, lost sales, and the many other costs of handling physical inventory.



The Bottom Line

  Sales just happen.

Anytime you feel like it, you can check your Real Time Account Viewer. See all those sales? They all happened automatically, while you were doing something else.Those people all purchased products from you, had them delivered, and are enjoying them already with no action needed by your company and at very little cost.

 Every sale means work.

For each sale, time is spent locating the right product, packaging, printing address labels, filling out shipping forms, and manageing drop-offs or courier pickup. You’ll need to maintain warehouse space, shipping supplies, a postage meter, FedEx or UPS forms, and international shipping/customs paperwork. You either need to hire people to do this, or you do it all yourself. Either way, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of time and money this is costing you daily.

  Easily update your product at any time.

Is there a section of a product that needs to be updated for some reason? Perhaps there’s been changes in technology that necessitate updating some sections?Changes in the world, hard-good developments, software updates, politics, science, medicine, errata, many things can effect the relevance of your product.No re-authoring is needed. Simply send us updated movies and the old ones will be replaced. Every customer- past, present and future, will have your updated material.

 Sorry, your DVD is in stone.

Once your DVD is replicated, it’s “read ‘em and weep” time. Is there a typo in the packaging or menu? Are there authoring or replication errors? After the time taken for production of the DVD, does something in the video need to be updated? You’ve just lost thousands of dollars and countless hours.You will need to re-author, re-encode, replicate, receive the new shipment of DVDs and reship any faulty merchandise.

  Deliver HD at no extra charge.

MOD Machine can deliver any size video at no extra charge. You’ve probably either begun shooting or are planning to upgrade your upcoming productions to HD, so why wouldn’t you deliver in HD?Think of how much better an instructional golf or guitar video would be in stunning, crisp, clear HD, where the customer can see every detail clearly.(NOTE: While the system is limitless, our advice is to keep HD video sizes at 960×540 or 640×720 maximum- otherwise it will be bigger than some of your customer’s screens!)

  Stuck in the old SD world.

To deliver Blu-Ray discs, you are required to buy an AACS license for $3,000, plus pay $1,400 – $1,600 per title. To us, this is highway robbery, and prevents a great many publishers from taking the step to HD.Further, you’ll probably want to replicate both SD DVD and Blu-Ray, for the many customers who haven’t made the jump yet, costing you even more money.Steve Jobs calls Blu-Ray “a big bag of hurt.” We agree.

  Smooth sailing.

Customers have been purchasing and enjoying products through MOD Machine since June 2008 on Windows and Mac OS X with hardly any tech support. If a customer does have a tech support question, we handle it. Wouldn’t you like to have a few less things to worry about?

 Problems, problems, problems.

Replication delays, defective discs, lost shipments, undeliverable addresses, even customer-caused damage… These are just a few of the daily problems we call the “tyranny of DVDs”.

  Eliminate piracy.

With MOD Machine, the movies are encrypted on our servers and on the user’s hard drive with our proprietary system. They cannot be played outside the MOD Machine Player.Of course, nothing is 100% hack-proof. But after the extensive hours it would take to assemble the tiny fragments of your content into anything resembling the original experience, they would quickly conclude it’s simply not worth the trouble.

  Easy to rip.

Any of your customers can easily rip your DVD in a few clicks, send it to all their friends and colleagues, or post to a peer-to-peer file sharing network. Software to do so is generally cheap or free, plentiful, and advertised all over the internet.Unfortunately, if you have even a semi-popular DVD, chances are it’s already been pirated and available for anyone to download for free.

  You imagine it, we deliver it.

The flexibility and options for the presentation of your products presented by the MOD Machine Player is infinite. No other platform offers the flexibility, quality, power and ease-of-development.The fact is that each product presented in the MOD Machine Player is in itself a complete software program. So your product can do anything a software program can do. Likewise, a publisher can offer a quick 5 minute tip or a 60 hour course! You decide and we’ll deliver.

 DVD authoring is primitive.

DVD authoring is slow, painstaking, imprecise, and very limited on options and interactivity. If you want much more than a simple menu, you must dive into the arcane world of registers and other bizarre features that only work on some players, some of the time.Also, you would never bother to make a DVD with a 5 or 10 minute program, no matter the value. Further, you can’t fit more than 2 hours of quality video on a DVD. This means longer programs must span multiple DVDs, costing more in replication, storage and shipping.

  Save the planet.

Studies clearly indicate that consumers are increasingly eco-conscious. Offering a 100% green product builds customer loyalty and referrals. The more of your sales made through MOD Machine, the greener you’ll be – both ecologically, and economically! Your competitors will only be green with envy.

  Be part of the problem.

DVDs are part of the problem. DVD replication puts greenhouse gases in the air, and your DVDs and their cases are non-bio-degradable. They will be around forever, junking up this beautiful planet we live on.Why not make more money and save the planet while you’re at it?

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