MOD Machine and iTunes are vastly different and designed for two very different purposes. But the two systems have a few similarities, in that they are both downloadable software programs that allow you to browse, purchase, download and enjoy content.

Because many people are familiar with iTunes, we made this page for informational purposes.

iTunes revolutionized recorded music distribution, as MOD Machine is revolutionizing video distribution, but in different ways. iTunes is an aggregator, where MOD Machine is a distributed, white-label solution.

iTunes was designed for single music tracks, and MOD Machine was designed from the ground up to deliver powerful, interactive products, initially focusing on the same kind of full-length video titles you’d find on Blu Ray or DVD.

Business Model Differences

Your brand, your website.

Your customers never leave your brand environment through the entire user experience, from shopping in your branded MOD Shop on your website, to downloading and enjoying content in your branded MOD Player.

Apple’s brand, Apple’s website.

iTunes is branded Apple, and the only place to download iTunes is from Apple’s website. Send customers to iTunes, and your brand is lost… and often, the sale is too. Once branding is lost, product becomes just a commodity.

  You control product selection.

Each MOD Shop owner chooses what products appear in their shop. You might choose only your own products. Or, you can include other publisher’s content from MOD Marketplace. It’s totally up to you.

 Lost in an ocean of competitive content.

With iTunes, your product is lost among the clutter of thousands of titles from your competition, with Apple’s helpful “Genius™” feature steering shoppers to other products with every click.

  Your customers.

The most valuable asset in any business is your customer list. Building this list is the most important thing any business can do. MOD Shop allows you to export your customers anytime to market to in the future.

 Apple’s customers.

Once you send your customers to Apple, they’re not yours anymore. Sending your customers away doesn’t sound like a smart long term business strategy.

  MOD Marketplace drives content sales.

MOD Marketplace is the only global marketing network designed specifically for full length video titles we know of. Harnessing the power of search, social media and affiliate marketing, MOD Marketplace is the only viable heir to the crumbling 20th century infrastructure of tape and disc distributors, retail stores and mail order catalogs.

  You drive content sales.

Just having a title in iTunes doesn’t mean anyone will ever buy it. 95% of iTunes products only comprise 5% of sales. Many iTunes products don’t sell at all. If people are buying your content through iTunes, it’s not because you’re in iTunes. It’s usually because you sent them there, or because they are already fans of your brand and they’re looking for your content.

  Anyone can publish.

Like the very successful VHS and DVD models, anyone can publish products to the MOD Vault.

 Old boys club.

In terms of video, if you’re not a multi-billion dollar Hollywood studio or major TV show, don’t bother.

  Distributed, all-inclusive model.

Our goal is to get MOD Shops launching from every website, and links to MOD Vault products in social media, search ads, blogs, forums, emails and everywhere else a link can be placed.We welcome Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Walmart and Apple to join us as distribution partners, and we have a more profitable offer for them than they had with VHS and DVD distribution– and probably more profitable than their own platforms!

 Isolated content silos.

The only place to download iTunes is from Apple’s website. So, since they cannot join iTunes as a partner, powerful retailer brands from Best Buy and Amazon to Target and Walmart, all huge resellers of DVDs and Blu Ray discs, have launched competing, and similarly isolated content silos for digital distribution.None of these isolated silos can become a standard like VHS and DVD were.

  Syndicate your content through a growing digital distribution network.

As you and we work together to find high traffic websites who have visitors interested in buying your content, your distribution network will grow ever larger.

  Not possible.

iTunes is an isolated content silo, and cannot syndicate content to a distributed network of catalogs.

  You control the user experience.

Every product delivered by MOD Machine is a powerful, full-blown software program. Any kind of engaging interactivity you can imagine, we can deliver. The features and user experience are under your control.

  Sorry, dead end.

iTunes is based on a primitive, obsolete paradigm, only capable of delivering media files, with no customized surrounding features, additional media, or interactivity possible.

  Fullscreen HD on a Pentium IV.

MOD Machine’s BrainPlayer can play perfect fullscreen HD on an older, slower computer that cannot play movies downloaded from iTunes.

  Needs Quicktime and a fast computer.

Movies downloaded from iTunes need Quicktime and a fast processor to play smoothly.