Is this the way you want your video products to appear to your customers?


You’ve worked hard to produce a video of real value.

So do you really want to just drop a loose movie file into your customer’s junky downloads folder like something an un-house-trained puppy might drop on your livingroom rug?

How much value does a loose movie file have? Will people pay DVD prices for them?

What if a file doesn’t download all the way? What if your customer’s hard drive crashes, or they accidentally delete the file?

Will your customers really come back and buy more until they have a total mess of movie files scattered around their hard drive?

A better idea.

MOD Player is a 5-star, red-carpet, luxury “digital media launchpad” that elegantly integrates personalized shopping, secure purchase, media download, copy to mobile, and peerless media presentation within one branded, powerful, super-user-friendly environment that people love.

Isn’t this the quality of user experience your customers deserve?


8 reasons not to resort to loose movie file downloads:

 Lost repeat sales.

A customer who buys a loose movie file from you will play it in some random video player with no link back to your website so they can buy another product from you. In today’s one-click culture, you can see why repeat sales are so rare for publishers delivering loose downloads.

One click to repeat sales.

Every time your customer goes to watch a video title they’ve purchased from you in your MOD Player, the catalog of your other products is one click away. With a repeat sale average of 4 products, you could be making quadruple the revenue with MOD Machine than just offering loose downloads.

 Lost value.

How much value does a loose movie file floating around on your hard drive have? Will your customers really pay DVD or Blu Ray prices for a loose movie file? If not, you lose money needlessly by having to drop your pricing. If you publish on disc, you’re also destroying the value of your hard good DVDs and Blu Ray discs.

Proven to deliver value.

The MOD Player experience imbues your content with real, proven value. Our clients sell titles for the same or similar price as a DVD, and customers happily check out with hundreds of dollars of downloads in their cart.

 Might as well give it away for free.

If your product is merely a loose movie file, users can easily share it with their friends or bittorrent it in a few clicks. Once your products are all over the internet, it’s probably faster and easier for someone to pirate it than buy from you. Watch your sales drop to a fraction of what they could be.

Fort Knox.

With MOD Player, your media is encrypted and cannot be played except in your MOD Player by a legitimate owner. If someone shares their login information, we can “pull the plug” on any unauthorized installs. And with a true Blu Ray experience with main menu and chapters, it’s a whole different world than a loose movie file.

 Huh? What just happened?

Buying and owning loose movie files is an inconvenient, clumsy and confusing experience. Un-tech-savvy users will have trouble finding the movie they purchased, or accidentally lose or delete files accidentally, leading to complaints and extra customer service for you.

Luxury customer experience.

MOD Player pampers the customer with an elegant, first-class experience, with a branded software player handling product downloads, transfer to mobile and one-click shopping all within one user-friendly environment people love.


What if your customer is traveling, at a friend’s house or even on a tablet in a different room and wants to watch a loose file they downloaded? Sorry, it’s on your other hard drive, tough luck.


With MOD Machine, your customer always has instant access to stream their purchases through MOD CloudPlayer on tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, smart TVs or gaming consoles.*

 You’re an island.

How will you offer your products through a network of affiliates? Do you have a way to track commissions and allow other websites to promote your products?

You’re part of MOD Marketplace.

The MOD Machine platform was designed from the ground up to allow publishers to build a global syndication network of distributors. MOD Marketplace is growing, and gives you a global distribution and marketing solution.

 Complaints, refunds and extra tech support.

If a movie doesn’t download completely, in most cases the customer will need to restart it downloading from the beginning each time, leading to much frustration, complaints and refunds. Many internet connections are “flaky”, meaning the loose download method cannot deliver products to a percentage of your customers. Also, what if the customer loses their file in a hard drive crash or accidentally deletes it? How much of your time will it take to verify their purchase and send them a replacement that you could be spending more productively?

Guaranteed delivery.

MOD Player includes Fido, a best-in-class FIle DOwnloading engine that sinks its teeth into a file and will not give up, regardless of how slow or intermittent the internet connection is.

We’ve delivered thousands of products to countries and people with bad connections that would have been impossible with normal downloads.

And a customer can always re-download a title they’ve purchased. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

 It’s the user experience.

A movie file has little to no perceived value. Where’s the menu? Where’s the chapters? Where are bonus movies or materials? How is playback performance? How many players does the user need to try to find one that plays smoothly?

Blu Ray experience.

With MOD Machine, you can include a chapter menu, bonus features, extra movies, PDFs or student project files, MP3s, or any other downloadable file, easily accessible from your product main screen.

 Sorry, no updates.

Would you ever want to update or fix a product? A loose movie file gives you no way to do that.

Change anything you’d like.

Need to update a product? MOD Machine makes it easy, for previous or future customers.

* This feature subject to revision without notice.