MODMACHINE vs. Streaming Video

Video streaming works for some.

We at Leaping Brain Labs are some of the world’s foremost digital video wizards. We pioneered streaming video in the 1990′s, and have trained most cable channels, Hollywood movie studios and tens of thousands of others how to encode and deliver streaming video.

However, until internet last mile bandwidth improves substantially, watching streaming HD is a horrible experience for about 1 out of 4 people in the U.S., and about 60% internationally.

Would you sell DVDs if only 3 out of 4 of them worked the way they’re supposed to? Of course not.

Nowadays, since you can find just about any kind of content on YouTube, streaming video has very low to no perceived value, and you are fighting an uphill battle if you want to sell access to streaming video.

Why make huge sacrifices in the value of your content if there’s a better option? Why be happy with pennies on the dollar if your content is good enough to sell in a platform like MOD Machine?

The only way to customer satisfaction and success in digital sales is the MOD Machine way: selling high quality video downloads combined with complimentary streaming access for those with fast, consistent connections.

Would you pay for something you never receive?

Of course not. That would be ridiculous. Yet many video content publishers seem content with the pennies trickling in through streaming income, shaking their heads and writing off the dismal revenues to the plight of the “Digital Age”. Ah, if they only knew what our clients know.

Anyone paying attention knows that nobody would pay for an electronic book if it didn’t download into their Kindle, Nook or iPad, and no one would pay for a song or album if it didn’t download to their computer, iPod or smartphone. So why would anyone think someone would pay for video that doesn’t download?

MOD Machine is based on selling downloads for a very simple reason: You can sell a download. You can’t sell a stream.

Selling downloads is the champion of video monetization.

While companies like Netflix and Amazon have made huge profits on video streaming, the poor content owners have suffered irreversibly by tossing their titles in these desperate, last-resort, bargain-basement streaming systems.

Who would pay $15 for a single movie if they knew they could watch any of 20,000 movies on demand for $8 per month? Not many! Hence the precipitous drop in disc sales.

Although we offer subscriptions, which, in cases, are the best option, we at Leaping Brain see the facts clearly, which is that in most cases, selling downloads is a far more powerful way to monetize video than subscriptions.

more reasons:

Here are some more reasons MOD Machine is far superior than primitive, outdated streaming-only systems:


Products can be viewed anywhere, anytime.
Once purchased and downloaded, your customers can enjoy your products anywhere, anytime, online or offline.If you own something, don’t you think you should have the right to view it on an ocean cruise, on an airplane, or in a mountain cabin as you would with a DVD you bought?
 Sorry, you can’t watch what you paid for.
Streaming video requires a consistent, reliable, high speed connection to the internet, limiting customer viewing choices substantially. 26% of broadband customers cannot watch decent quality streaming video.And what if their internet connection goes out, or your server goes down? Depriving people of the ability to watch what they paid for is a recipe for failure.

Rock solid reliability.
MOD Machine playback takes place in MOD Player, not a browser, and so is a rock solid, robust, reliable platform, totally unaffected by any changes in browsers or standards. That’s why we run 99% problem-free.
Oops, something broke. Again.
A streaming video solution that runs in a browser is highly fragile. A new version of FireFox or Chrome could come out and break everything. As HTML5 comes of age, everything will change. Get ready for continuous expense and stress.

MOD Machine is not tied to any particular standard, so our platform can easily adapt to any future change in video formats or network connectivity, and hence can never become obsolete, unlike a web-based option.
 Uh oh, your format just went obsolete.
Did your competition launch a Flash streaming site? Uh oh. 410 million iOS device owners won’t be able to watch. How about Silverlight? Uh oh, Microsoft is discontinuing it. In the Digital Age, there’s no reason to lock your content into a dead-end format or system that is sure to go obsolete in a few years… or months.

Consistently high quality video.
MOD Machine offers Blu Ray quality HD and stunning quality SD to anyone with an internet connection. Slow connections, intermittent connections, internet congestion, no problem.All customers get the same beautiful quality, leading to much higher satisfaction, perceived value and repeat sales.
 Mediocre quality.
Streaming video servers switch to a low quality stream when an internet connection slows from internet congestion, other household members downloading, or prime time cable modem useage in the neighborhood. As the internet slows, streaming video turns into a pixelated, blocky, poor quality mess, driving the perceived value of your products ever downward. Do you really want your content looking like a bad YouTube video from 2006?

Designed for syndication.
The MOD Machine platform was designed from the ground up to allow publishers to build a global digital distribution network, as we work to build MOD Marketplace.
 No syndication.
Streaming systems offer no means of offering your products through a network of syndicated affiliates. This means you’re an island, left out in the cold, compared to publishers who chose a syndicated system.

You imagine it, we can deliver it.
MOD Machine can deliver much more than simply a “strip of film”. Since each title we deliver is a software program, we can deliver DVD style menus, interactive programming, graphics, printed materials, and a fully engaging experience featuring any kind of interactivity imaginable.
Sorry, dead end.
Most streaming video systems are inherently primitive, mimicking obsolete paradigms of the 20th century. Why invest in a fundamentally dead-end system, with no way to deliver whatever advanced, engaging interactivity you might want in the future?

Proven to deliver value.
MOD Machine is the holy grail of video content sales – an environment that creates real value for downloaded products. Customers regularly check out with hundreds of dollars of products in their cart, then buy more in the coming days and weeks.
  Streaming video has almost zero value.
Content producers from large to small have tried to charge for streaming video and failed. At first glance, it seems Netflix is an exception, but unless you can offer unlimited viewing of 20,000 famous movies for $8 per month your results will probably not coincide. Hulu can’t even charge $9/month. Ironically, the technology Netflix uses for delivery in a browser is now obsolete!

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