• Click here to launch Hudson Music’s MOD Shop
    • Click the “style” category header, check some boxes and see how fast you can customize the product selection to your tastes. Everything happens instantly, with no page loads or delays.
    • Uncheck the categories and type “aar” in the search box.
    • Click MORE INFO on “Beyond the Chops” to see more info and a sample clip.
    • Close the preview window, and add the free video “I Love You” to your cart
    • Click CHECK OUT and follow the instructions to install the free MOD Player
    • Download the free video and prepare to be blown away by the video quality! Play it fullscreen, even on an old, slow machine. Perfect fullscreen HD to 99% of customers. (Try that with an HD movie from iTunes.) Disconnect from the internet. Still perfect playback. (Try that with Netflix or Hulu :-))