MOD Publisher

A premium content publishing revolution.

MOD Publisher is the powerful, easy-to-use software you’ll use to publish video titles to the MOD Machine platform complete with custom product graphics and cover image, chapters and subchapter menus, short and long descriptions and one-click access to included materials.

Finish an edit at 11:30 am, author, test and publish by noon, see your first sale during lunch.

instant video publishing.

Watch this movie to get an overview of the workflow:

MOD Publisher is a revolutionary breakthrough in video title authoring and publishing. This powerful, flexible, user-friendly software for Mac OS X or Windows allows any moderately computer-savvy person to easily author and publish video titles to the MOD Machine platform.

After authoring, MOD Publisher allows you to build and experience the product just as a customer would, right on the spot, to make sure everything is perfect. When you’re happy with your product, just click “Publish” and go have lunch while your video files upload to our super-secure global cloud-based CDN.

If you do not have someone on your staff who you’d like to author your products, we can do this for you just click here to contact us.

There is no cost to add products to the MOD Machine platform, but there could be a nominal one-time fee to create a MOD Publisher Product Template for your products.

For more information about preparing your media and graphic assets for your products click here.

For step by step instructions on how to us MOD Publisher to author your products for the MOD Machine click here.