A personalized, luxury shopping experience for digital media products

A MOD Shop is an amazing, engaging, branded, web-based shopping environment that launches right from your website, keeping your customer on your website and immersed in your brand.

MOD Shops are designed exclusively for searching, browsing, previewing and buying digital media products in an simple, elegant, luxury environment free from the usual clutter and confusion of most online web carts.

MOD Shop

The web’s finest shopping experience.

The perfect way to sell your video titles: the amazing MOD Shop.

MOD Shop is an innovative, engaging, personalized shopping solution, super-easy to set up, is branded with your logo and theme, and launches right from your website, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, a Tweet, email, Google ad or anywhere else you can place a link.

No need for shopping cart software, security certificates or merchant accounts. Sets up in minutes.

Intellisearch™ live product search

Google has trained us all to use a search box to find what we’re looking for. Typing a few letters or words in MOD Shop’s live search box displays instant, intelligent results without annoying page refreshes or delays. Our evolving Intellisearch™ technology applies a sophisticated algorithm and stacks up products relevant to the customer’s search query.

Personalized, one-to-one shopping

Simply by clicking a few boxes, customers can easily personalize the product selection to their tastes.

And when they return, MOD Shop remembers, displaying a customized list of products they are most likely to purchase, and leaving out what they already own.

“Hello again, I remember you! You’re that advanced guitarist that likes Bossa Nova, Calypso and Jazz! Well, we have several things I think you’ll love, and I’ve conveniently put them right on top…”

In-app purchase

We’ll just flat out reveal the secret to our success right here: that whenever your customer goes to view something they already own in their MOD Player, shopping for more products is only a single click away.

Everyone knows your biggest prospect for a repeat sale is someone who has already purchased a product from you. Yet most distribution methods put far too much friction between one sale and the next. Drive to a store? Find your way back to a website? Wait days for delivery? Way too much hassle.

The design of the MOD Machine platform drives repeat sales in a way no other system can touch. We make it so easy, MOD Machine publishers enjoy an amazing 4 repeat sale average per customer.

API Integration:

We also offer a full-featured API so you can sell digital downloads from your own shopping cart. Contact us for more info.

MODSHOP Feature Highlights:

Live Intellisearch™

Instant, live search finds what the customer is looking for as they type

Personalized product selection for each user

Simply by checking what they like, the product selection is personalized to each user. And when the customer returns, days, weeks or even months later, the “shopkeeper” remembers them!

Persistent cart

Products stay in cart across sessions- until removed or purchased

Multiple product bundles

Bundles have been a big success in the MOD Machine platform – our second most successful price point is $39.95!

Comprehensive coupon code functionality

Coupon Codes can be a percentage or dollar amount, can be single use or unlimited, single or multiple user, single or multiple product, or be restricted by date range, price range or affiliate.

Gift Certificate sales and tracking

When a user spends a gift certificate, MOD Machine displays and tracks remaining balance.


Customers can subscribe to a group of products for a monthly fee. If they cancel, or their payment information is no longer valid, the products are removed from their computers and mobile devices.


Similar to subscriptions, but the rental period does not recur.

Optimized for any size screen

Great shopping experience on desktop, tablet of smartphone.

Flexible arrangements between Author, Publisher, Affiliate and Ambassadors

You’d be hard pressed to find a system that comes even remotely close to doing a fraction of what MOD Machine can do! Suffice it to say we can handle just about any conceivable arrangement.

Comprehensive bookkeeping functionality

Each sale is stored as it takes place, and you can see it appear in your live real-time sales report.

Ability to sell products for $0.99 to $99,999

We handle a wide range of pricing.

Option for user to switch currencies, pay in international currencies

Currently, we support US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars. We can support just about any other currency, let us know if you need something not on this list.

Extreme, enterprise-class security

Weellll… we went a little overboard on security. If the world’s most brilliant hacker went to ridiculous, extraordinary lengths, they might end up with… nothing.

Multiple payment options

In Europe, it’s not uncommon for someone who doesn’t have a credit card to have a PayPal account. MOD Shops accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

API to integrate third-party shopping carts

If you would like to sell digital goods in your web shopping cart, we have an API so you can notify us when a transaction is complete, and then we can handle fulfilling the digital product. Contact us for more details.


Try these things:

Type a word or two in the search box. Notice the list filters instantly with each letter you type.

Customize the shop to your tastes by checking the things you like in the tag list on the left. Magical! Everything happens in real time with no page redraws or delays!

Click the “get info” buttons on any of the products. Play the sample movies. Watch them fullscreen. Wow! What an awesome shopping experience!

Then buy something! Get the real customer experience of MOD Machine, support our clients, and expand your horizons while you’re at it!

A test

Click each product below to add each to your “digital cart”:

Add to Digital Cart

Add to Digital Cart

Then click

You will own two beautiful free drum lessons from Hudson! Watch the Aaron Spears lesson fullscreen and prepare to be blown away with the quality and playback performance! Copy it to your iPad!

Watch this movie showing shopping on the small screen: