The 3 essential elements of a mega-successful software course publishing business.

1. YOU.

The most important element. You are a technology expert, a clear and captivating communicator and a friendly, engaging instructor with a talent for conveying complex concepts in simple terms.


ScreenFlow® from Telestream, is the perfect software environment for you to capture computer screen activity, video and voiceover, and edit it all together into a software educational product masterpiece.

3. this.

The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution is a bundle of components including everything you need to build a mega-successful software training content publishing business.*

(*Does not include you or ScreenFlow.)

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here are the problems the MOD Publishing System solves:

  • What is the best way to package your exported movies into a legitimate training product, with a main menu, chapters and student projects?
  • What is the best technology for securely delivering and presenting your courses to your customers?
  • What kind of shopping experience will you provide to your customers?
  • How do you track the success of your marketing campaigns?
  • How do you handle customer support?
  • How do you continually expose your products to whole new audiences?
  • How do you establish instant credibility as a technology training publisher? How can you make a profit on courses you didn’t create?

what’s included:

MOD Shop

The web’s finest shopping experience.

Included in the solution bundle is the perfect way to sell your software training courses: the amazing MOD Shop.

MOD Shop is an innovative, engaging, personalized shopping solution, super-easy to set up, is branded with your logo and theme, and launches right from your website, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, a Tweet, email, Google ad or anywhere else you can place a link.

No need for shopping cart software, security certificates or merchant accounts. Sets up in minutes.

MOD Player

Your secret superpower.

MOD Player is a magical, user-friendly, powerful software environment with a first class, luxury user experience, elegantly integrating functions like product download, the world’s best video playback engine, mobile sync, unbeatable piracy protection and one-click access to your MOD Shop to drive repeat sales.

Forget crappy streaming systems and primitive, unprotected loose movie file downloads that make your products seem like a joke.

MOD Player isn’t just your best option on the planet for delivering and presenting high quality educational products to your customers. It’s your only option.

MOD Publisher

A premium content publishing revolution.

MOD Publisher is the powerful, easy-to-use software you’ll use to publish video titles to the MOD Machine platform complete with custom product graphics and cover image, chapters and subchapter menus, short and long descriptions and one-click access to student materials.

Finish an edit at 11:30 am, author, test and publish by noon, see your first sale during lunch.

MOD Dashboard

A real-time window into your sales.

MOD Dashboard is a secure web app in which you can see real-time sales of your products, view and export reports, track the success of your marketing campaigns, create and modify your MOD Shops, export customer data, create coupon codes, get direct product links and many other functions.

MOD Marketplace

Get ready to become a global superpower.

Membership to MOD Marketplace is included, so your products can be continually exposed to brand new audiences through a growing global syndication network of MOD Shops, giving your products unlimited sales potential.

It also gives your software training catalog more credibility and profitability by allowing you to add complimentary content from other selected publishers to your “software university”, greatly multiplying your revenues and success.

With MOD Marketplace, your sales could be double, five times, or ten times greater than going it alone.

Top Notch Customer Support

You have better things to do.

Let us provide support to your customers at no extra charge, so you can focus your time on your two most important missions: producing and marketing.

Your customers are in good hands with our world class quality support team around the globe, and you won’t have to wake up several times each night to respond to your customers on the other side of the world.


Have a question?

Check our FAQ to get instant answers.
If you don’t find your answer, then send us your question.

the bottom line:

one-time signup fee for content creators


royalty on sales of your courses


royalty on MOD Marketplace sales


cost to add content to platform


hosting cost, per month


shopping cart cost, per month


content storage cost, per GB


bandwidth cost, per GB


MOD Marketplace membership


platform development


customer support


NOTE: Content publishers pay credit card fees on sales of their content, usually 3% + .30 per cart (1% more for sales outside the U.S.) (Click here for a complete schedule of transaction fees.)