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MOD Marketplace

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Membership to MOD Marketplace is included, so your products can be continually exposed to brand new audiences through a growing global syndication network of MOD Shops, giving your products unlimited sales potential.

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With MOD Marketplace, your sales could be double, five times, or ten times greater than going it alone.

The mission of MOD Marketplace is to augment and eventually replace the aging, crumbling physical distribution network of DVD and Blu Ray replicators, distributors and retail stores that has served to distribute and market full-length video products over the last 30 years.

MODMarketplace goals:

for video content owners:

to powerfully increase sales of digital products to provide a secure future as DVD and Blu Ray sales inevitably die out

for website owners:

to provide a powerful new dimension in traffic monetization to supplement advertising revenue

for internet marketing experts:

to offer a new, unique and lucrative product category with generous commissions and continuing participation

Your new expert internet marketing team.

For content owners:

The age of 20th century video product marketing and distribution is drawing to a close. MOD Marketplace is the future.

MOD Marketplace allows you to instantly distribute your video titles to MOD Shops, high traffic websites and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr, as well as search ads, blogs, forums, email and anywhere else links can be placed around the globe in the blink of an eye, putting your products right in front of a whole world of new customers– all with zero cost or time needed from you.

MOD Marketplace harnesses the most powerful marketing forces in the 21st century to drive sales of your video title library, and seeks to provide a growing digital revenue stream to augment and eventually replace physical video disc sales.

For affiliate marketers:

CDs have been replaced with audio downloads, and book downloads now outsell actual books. Obviously the next huge trend in media is video downloads outselling video discs, but this trend has just begun, with discs still making up 90% of video product sales.

Skate to where the puck’s going and cash in on the coming video download revolution by joining MOD Marketplace and offering what more and more people want every day: instant access to high quality video downloads.

Benefits of our program include generous commissions and continued participation in subsequent sales. Our platform averages 4 repeat sales per customer, so making one sale with us is like making 5 with most anyone else.